Navarrese Biotech

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Last update: 11/05/2018
  • Navarra (Navarre) is a region located in northern Spain at the western end of the Pyrenees, where it shares a 163-kilometre-long border with France. Navarre was an independent kingdom for almost a thousand years. That is the reason why Navarre still retains many of its ancient laws, one of them being the right to some economic autonomy and having its own taxation system. Eurostat ranks Navarre as one of the richest regions in the EU-27 and is one of the top regions in R&D investment in Spain.
  • Navarre has two prestigious universities, a public and private healthcare system that is closely linked to the universities and other entities that drive applied research - CIMA and NAVARRABIOMED - under the umbrella of the Health Research Institute of Navarra (IDISNA) - and the Institute of Agrobiotechnology (IdAB). The biomedical cluster in Navarra has grown steadily through business initiatives. It consists of more than 30 private companies and research centres that employ more than 2,400 people. Research activity is being extended to new, emerging fields such as Nano biomedical R&D. This activity is mainly focused on L’Urederra and CEMITEC, two public technology centres.