New R&D project to obtain added-value ingredients from avocado by-products


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The AGUACAVALUE Operative Group promotes this interdisciplinary project promoted by Andalusian companies and R&D Centers.

Agrifood and Circular Bioeconomy are combined in this two-year project led by the Functional Food R&D Center (CIDAF). This ambitious project aims to add value to avocado by-products for animal feed, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals. This valorization will allow a better use of natural resources, mitigating the impact of their growing demand and decreasing the environmental impact.

In Spain 91,000 tons of avocado are produced per year (93% of European production) concentrated mainly in the provinces of Malaga and Granada. As result of this activity, around 2,000 tons of bone and skin are discarded. Looking for better alternatives, AGUACAVALUE meets the objectives of the European Association for Innovation in terms of agricultural productivity and sustainability.

This operative group includes several innovative companies and entities such as Grupo La Caña, leading producer of fruits and vegetables (Granada); Frumaco (Trops Group, Málaga), dedicated to the elaboration of avocado derivatives; Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias de Andalusia (Granada), entity that agglutinates the Andalusian agricultural cooperatives; Natac Biotech, specialized in R&D, industrial production and commercialization of natural ingredients of vegetable origin; and Macob (Granada), dedicated to feed production.

The Functional Food R&D Center (CIDAF) is a technological center that operates at a national level in the research and development of ingredients and functional foods. In addition, the CIDAF is responsible for the characterization and evaluation of bioactive compounds present in by-products and selection of the optimal components in final products.


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