GENESIS Biomed presents the ASEBIO report “Main succes cases of the Spanish Biotech Industry”


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The report, elaborated by the consulting firm Genesis Biomed for the Spanish Association of Bioindutries (ASEBIO), describes a total of 20 success cases of the Biotechnology Sector in Spain in the last 10 years. These success stories have been carefully selected by a cross-sectorial jury representing the main stakeholders involved in the Spanish Biotech sector. The selection process has intentionally included success cases from the main three application areas of biotechnology:  namely healthcare, agriculture and food industry and industrial biotechnology.

The Spanish biotech ecosystem comprises large university hospitals where cutting-edge research is carried out; important research centres and technology centres where basic and applied projects are carried out; universities that ensure education, research and the transfer of the results of such research; small spin-off and start-up companies led by entrepreneurs who develop their pipeline through the funds raised with venture capital investors and public funds; and larger companies result of different growth models and with commercial capabilities, among other key stakeholders.

The selected sucess stories covered by the report are Ability Pharmaceuticals, AELIX Therapeutics, Alcaliber, Anaconda Biomed, Biopolis, Grifols, MedLumics, Minoryx Therapeutics, Mosaic Biomedicals, Oryzon Genomics, Palobiofarma, Peptomyc, Pharmamar, Plant Response, Progenika, Reig Jofre Laboratories, Sanifit, STAT-Diagnosis, TiGenix and 3P Biopharma.

The presentation of the report will take place on September 27 in Seville during BIOSPAIN 2018 where copies of the report will be distributed among the attendees.

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