Environmentally friendly treatment of red-wine without sulfites


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A team of Spanish scientists has developed a method to replace sulfite (SO2) in the production and preservation of red wine.

After more than four years of work, a research group of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training of Andalusia (IFAPA) has discovered the ideal dose of a grapevine-shoot extract made from the recycling of wood pruning vine.

The extract developed by IFAPA's team is rich in stilbenes. Stilbenes are polyphenolic compounds present in nature with antioxidant and cardioprotective activity. Several studies have shown other interesting properties of these products such as antimicrobial and anti-aging activities. IFAPA scientists are experts in this family of compounds and have developed several studies related to its properties.

The results, published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, show that, although some aromatic properties of these wines may change, these changes are not considered to affect the quality of the wines negatively. These results are useful for wineries, which face having to discover the aroma-related processes in the challenge of producing SO2 -free wines without detriment to their sensory properties.

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